Can You Install New Flooring over Old Flooring?

Homeowners and businesses looking to save a few bucks on remodeling and renovation often wonder if there is a cheaper way to update flooring without having to replace it. After all, flooring is a large chunk of the cost associated with a remodel. And as many know, flooring choices have the potential to make or break a room’s décor. We have covered some ideas of how to update or hid ugly tiles and other flooring, but in this installment, we will cover how the Semco product allows you to install a new seamless floor over your old flooring.

Can You Put New Flooring Over Old Flooring?

Yes. And there are many ways in which this can be done. But before you make the final decision to cover your old flooring rather than replace it, take a few things into consideration. If your floor is supported by a subfloor, you may want to remove the old flooring in order to inspect and repair any damaged subflooring elements. If your flooring is on a hard foundation, removing it gives you the chance to inspect for any foundation cracking. If you are confident with the state of your subfloors and foundation, then installing new flooring over the old flooring is the most cost-effective way to update your flooring.

New Flooring Over Existing Tile

Tile flooring is perhaps the most used types of flooring. You will be hard pressed to find a home or business that does not use tile flooring in some way. Tile flooring replacement can be extremely expensive, dirty and time consuming. This makes tile flooring great candidate for a remodel without removal solution. There are two ways to put new flooring over ceramic tile:

Use new tiles to tile over existing tile: Learn more how to do this here.


Resurface tile floor with a floor resurfacing solution like Semco. You can learn how to do this here.

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The Semco Remodel without Removal system can cover a variety of flooring types without having to remove it.

New Flooring Over Hardwood

Hardwood floors wear out over time and are prone to several issues like cupping, buckling and varnish peeling. There are three choices in the case of old, worn out hardwood flooring. You can refinish, remove and replace, or cover the old floor with new flooring. Refinishing old wood floors is great if you just have a few surface scratches and mild scuffs and marks. Removing and replacing is the most expensive and is recommended if the wood flooring is unsalvageable. You can cover your old hardwood floors with new hardwood flooring, or you can use a flooring solution like Semco’s Remodel without Removal to cover your old hardwood flooring. The Semco system binds at the molecular level to any  surface and creates a seamless surface that is great for a variety of residential and commercial applications.

New Flooring Over Concrete

Damaged and cracking concrete is unsightly and can be a safety hazard. Concrete resurfacing is a process that involves repairing the damaged concrete and adding a layer of concrete micro topping over the old concrete surface. The advantages of this include reduced cost and the ability to customize your concrete with decorative designs, polishes and finishes. Learn more about concrete resurfacing here.

Cover Old Flooring With Semco Remodel Without Removal

With Semco Florida’s remodel without removal flooring solution, you get the ability to cover your old flooring without having to incur the cost of removing the old flooring material. Semco’s system can go over tile, laminate, vinyl, hardwood, concrete, stone and more. It is great in all types of areas, garages, patios, pool decks, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens commercial applications and more. Here are our available colors and finishes. Contact us today to get started on your flooring remodel.

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