Versatile Floor Resurfacing Solutions for Concrete, Tile, Hardwood and More

SEMCO resurfacing solutions can help you resurface multiple types of existing surfaces without having to demolish or tear out the old surface. The SEMCO product line comes in a variety of colors and provides a wide range of styles, polishes and finishes. The main benefit of SEMCO solutions is the ability to cover old surfaces like tile, concrete, hardwood, epoxy and even stone without having to demolish the old surface. This saves you time and money. it also reduces the environmental impact of your resurfacing project.

Floor Tile Resurfacing Solutions

Are you tired of staring at that old tile in your bathroom, living room or other areas? Perhaps you have tried to refinish your tile or paint. maybe you just tried to hide it under rugs and other flooring coverings. Before you rip up your old tile, consider floor tile resurfacing with SEMCO’s Remodel without Removal System. most resurfacing solutions cannot be applied on the floor because they can’t withstand walking traffic. With SEMCO’s Remodel without Removal, you can place the surface solution directly on top of the old tile floor. There is no need to demolish, saving you time and money on your floor tile resurfacing project.

Concrete Overlay Resurfacing Solutions

With SEMCO surface solutions products you can easily resurface old concrete, repair cracked and damaged concrete. and, you cancreate a decorative concrete surface for driveways, patios, walkways and even pool deck flooring. With SEMCO’s CLEAN COLOR SEAL solutions you can clean, color and seal concrete and other surfaces with one solution. SEMCO’s resurfacing solutions for concrete overlay are environmentally friendly zero VOC surface solutions.

Resurfacing Made Easy

Semco products make resurfacing a breeze. have you have been putting off your resurfacing project because you think it will be a long, laborious process with a lot of demolition and removal? If so, Semco’s resurfacing solutions may be just right for you. Take a look at the Semco resurfacing process in the video to learn more.


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