Pool Deck Resurfacing In Florida

Slip-resistant, Long-Lasting, Beautiful Pool Deck Resurfacing options


Slip-resistant, Long-Lasting, Beautiful Pool Deck Resurfacing options

Are you considering pool deck resurfacing? Pool decks must be slip-resistant, easy to clean and should stay crack free and beautiful. Many cementitious coatings are prone to cracking especially when applied over existing cracks.

Semco’s crack bridging pool deck system is designed to prevent underlying cracks from showing through while being a high performance surface solution.

Pool Deck Resurfacing Advantages


Slip resistance for safety


Durability from wear and tear

Mold Resistant

Will not grow mold and mildew


Aesthetically versatile


Seamless transitions from deck into pool

Pool Deck Surfacing Options

The SEMCO FL surfacing product line is an excellent choice for pool deck flooring and resurfacing. Easily resurface and restore old pool decks with custom colors and finishes. Our pool deck options are great for both smaller residential pools or larger public and municipal pools. The unique Remodel without Removal surface solution can be easily applied over the existing pool deck surface without having to remove and pour new concrete.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Remodeling A Pool Deck? Tell us about your project and we can help you find the pool deck surface solution that is best for your needs.

Non Slip Pool Deck Surfaces

SEMCO surfaces are slip resistant and ADA complaint for coefficient of friction, meaning your pool deck is both safe and durable with a SEMCO pool flooring product. The ADA texture is sprayed on to create high points of friction so that you and your kids will not slip when coming in or out of the pool

Decorative Pool Decks

SEMCO pool deck resurfacing products come in a variety of color and finish options. Choose a style and aesthetic that matches your needs and decor. One of the main thing that wrecks backyard and pool aesthetics is the buildup of mold and mildew on the concrete or pool deck surface. With SEMCO pool deck resurfacing products, you dont have to worry about mold encroaching on your pool area. And you wont have to spend much time scrubbing to get rid of it. The SEMCO line is mold and mildew resistant and will look great for a long time to come.

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Semco Florida’s solid surface solutions product line includes four distinct surface treatment systems applicable to a variety of environments and needs. Semco’s Remodel Without Removal is a resurfacing product that allows you to remodel existing surfaces without having to remove the old surface material. The remodel without Removal system can resurface tile and grout, stone, wood, concrete, vinyl, epoxy and more.