Tile Resurfacing and Restoration

Restore and Resurface old Tile Without Removal.

Are you letting old, stained or out of date tile flooring ruin your interior décor? We don’t blame you. Replacing old tile floors can be a real hassle and really expensive. There is the cost of removing the old tile; the dust, the dirt, the hammering the drilling. Then the cost of disposal. And once you do finally decide on the type of tile you want, there is the days long process of laying the mortar, setting the tiles and applying the grout, all of which means that your area is off limits for a considerable amount of time. New tile can create a variety of issues with transitions to doorways, cabinets and you will have to remove any moldings. And the bigger the surface that needs to be retiled, the bigger the headache. New tile still requires regular grout cleaning and tile repair is tricky if you can’t find another identical piece. In order to avoid having to remove and then retile their flooring, many people simply try to hide old and ugly tile under rugs or use tile refinishing kits or paint to try to obscure ugly and old tile. These solutions only go so far, and they rarely last. Consider tile resurfacing instead. Check out our available finishes and colors.

The Semco tile restoration and resurfacing solution is great for both interior and exterior tile surfaces.

Before Semco Tile Resurfacing

tile resurfacing

After Semco Tile Resurfacing

tile resurfacing
tile resurfacing
tile resurfacing
tile resurfacing
tile resurfacing

Are you looking for a better way to restore your tile floor?

With Semco resurfacing products, you can restore and resurface your old tile without having to remove it. No demolition necessary. The Semco tile restoration solution is simply applied over the tile and you have a new surface in half the time. Semco can accomodate both interior and exterior tile flooring on patios, pools and more. The hassle and headache of retiling your bathroom, living area, patio or even office or commercial building is gone with the Semco system.  The Semco floor tile resurfacing solution comes in a variety of colors and decorative possibilities. Most coating systems are meant to be applied to existing concrete only and will not bond to tile, especially in a shower but Semco stays bonded to tile forever. It is a perfect ceramic tile refinishing system. Or, it can be applied to porcelain tile, Saltillo tile or mosaic tile.

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Floor Tile Resurfacing with X-Bond Seamless Stone

Recently, the Semco Remodel without Removal with X-bond Seamless Stone was used to resurface the tile of the Bay Residence in Miami FL. Watch the video to learn how easy it is to resurface old tile with Semco surface solutions.

Floor Tile Resurfacing

Let’s face it. A lot of tile colors and designs, especially those from certain eras, are hideous and ugly. Is old and ugly tile ruining your interior or exterior decor? Tired of that pink colored tile in the bathroom? Resurface it with Semco Remodel without Removal and get a beautiful floor that you can match to your other decor. The Semco system comes in a nearly unlimited variety of colors and polishes. And you can even create designs and patterns with ease.

The Semco system features waterproof and chemical resistant surfaces. Additionally, Semco flooring solutions can be engineered for non-slip ADA Safety flooring and meet and exceed all ADA flooring requirements.

Residential and Commercial Tile Resurfacing Applications

Whether you want to cover that old tile in your home’s bathroom during a remodel or need a solution for a commercial kitchen, Semco’s X-Bond seamless stone tile resurfacing materials has you covered. Unlike other tile overlay and resurfacing products like epoxy, X-Bond is designed for water based applications and is even used in pools and pool deck applications. It adheres at the molecular level to the tile surface and creates an actual mechanical bond with the old tile, ensuring long lasting durability.

Non Slip Tile Solution for ADA Compliance

Making tile floor non-slip can be a challenge. With the Semco tile resurfacing solution, you can create a seamless stone surface with ADA compliant anti-slip protection. Great for use in commercial kitchens, pool decks and other moisture prone heavily trafficked areas. Improve the slip resistance with a range of textures and patterns. You can create a stamped concrete look, multi-colored “salt and pepper” look, or concrete finish. This system is often used for pool deck resurfacing and can be applied to cool deck in addition to tile.

Does your tile need to be resurfaced or refinished?

Tell us a bit about your tile floor resurfacing project and we can help you find the right solution for your needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Resurfacing Tile

    If you have old tile that you want to remove or replace, consider resurfacing your old tile before you go through the expense and labor of removing the old tile. Resurfacing tile is not as common as tile refinishing, but it is catching on due to its cost effectiveness, ease of installation and long-term durability. Below we compiled a list of frequently asked questions about how tile can be resurfaced.

    What is Tile Resurfacing

    Simply put, tile resurfacing is the process of overlaying a concrete surface or other surfacing material over tile. Like concrete resurfacing, floor and wall tile resurfacing reduces the costs associated with removing the old surface material. With Semco FL’s resurfacing products, there is no need to demo, grind, drill, just clean the tile and apply the resurfacing product.

    Does Tile Resurfacing Work?

    Whether tile resurfacing will work or not is dependent on the type of resurfacing materials and products you choose to use. The number 1 reason why resurfacing does not work is that the resurfacing materials used are of sub-par quality and do not create a strong bond with the tile surface. A good tile resurfacing product will have a molecular bonding technology that creates a mechanically interlocking bond.

    Is resurfacing different from tile refinishing?

    Yes. Tile refinishing involves removing the old tile glaze, applying a spray coating and reglazing the original tile. The old tile remains and is given a renewed luster. But reglazing requires the use of dangerous chemicals that are toxic, so use caution if you plan to refinish and reglaze. Tile resurfacing, on the other hand, completely covers the old tile without removal or toxic chemicals. The new surface is seamless and can come in many colors and textures. There are safer ways to seal tile like with RexPro, except this will not change the color or shape of the surface, instead, it will protect and enhance the tile. 

    Can I resurface my wall tile?

    Yes. Semco resurfacing products can resurface floor and wall tiles.

    How long does tile resurfacing last?

    How long tile resurfacing lasts depends on what material is used. A resurfacing product for tile that uses mechanically interlocking molecular bonds like X-Bond Seamless Stone can last many years into the future, roughly 15 or so years before any wear occurs.

    What kind of tiles can I resurface?

    Semco resurfacing products give you the ability to resurface many types of tile including ceramic, porcelain, cement, marble, limestone, granite and mosiac.

    Is Semco an Epoxy Overlay?

    No. Epoxy overlays tend to delaminate and break away from the flooring in the presence of moisture. Since most resurfacing applications are in highly trafficked areas that are exposed to moisture, Semco designed a resurfacing material designed for the most heavily used and environmentally exposed surfaces. Semco is a stone aggregate resurfacing material specifically engineered to adhere to all solid surfaces at the molecular level, creating an interlocking bond with the original surface.


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