Polished Bond Finish
"burnished" | "Venetian" | "Mottled"

The polished bond finish shows gentle movement ranging from lighter to darker within a color tone. As the trowel is pressed more firmly and the “cream” is moved around there is a lighter tone of the pigment shown.

Colorbond Finish
"Semi-Solid Color" | "monochromatic" | "Stained"

The colorbond finish has a more solid, consistent color. It is not completely uniform like paint and still maintains a natural look. The uniformity is achieved through use of our staining system.

Natural Grain Finish
"Leather Effect"

Natural Grain is achieved by combing both our clear and colored stains as a final coloring step. When these two liquids come in contact they separate and create a wrinkled leather effect.

ADA Safety Surface Finish
"Textured" | "Sprayed" | "Hoppered"

This texture is intended for wet areas like pool decks, exterior walkways and stairs to achieve maximum slip resistance. It is achieved by spraying our microcement through a hopper gun. It can be applied in multiple colors but will always take the form of colored “dots” or “spatters.” Sections can be masked off to create patterns and designs with different colors.


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