SEMCO Universal Flooring Solutions

SEMCO’s line of flooring solutions and resurfacing products

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SEMCO Resurfacing Solutions

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Where It Goes

The Semco resurfacing products are a great option for a wide variety of spaces and projects. Our solutions can be used in residential and commercial bathrooms, driveways and garages, exterior walkways, pool decks, roof decks, exterior facades, interior walls and stairs. 

What It Can Do

The Semco solution can be used for waterproofing, ADA safety flooring, eco-friendly remodeling projects, decorative concrete, concrete resurfacing, tile and hardwood overlays, and concrete crack repair.


Microcement For Contractors

SEMCO Tile Resurfacing Solutions


ADA Compliant Flooring

Create Friction, Build Ramps, Fill Holes


Waterproofing Solutions

Waterproof, Eliminate Water Damage


Concrete Finishes New Construction

Created Any Aesthetic On Any Surface


Decorative Concrete

Upgrade And Enhance Surfaces



Crack-Resistant, Waterproof, Beautiful


Concrete Wall Finishes

Crack-Resistant, Beautiful, Rinse Clean


Interior Floor Resurfacing

Low-Maintenance, Beautiful, Long-Lasting


Bathroom Resurfacing

Rinse Clean, Beautiful, Non-Slip


Concrete Crack

Crack-Resistant, Waterproof, Beautiful



Slip-Resistance, Long-Lasting, Beautiful


Driveway Resurfacing

Beautiful, Slip-Resistance, Long-Lasting


Exterior Walkway Resurfacing

Durable, Crack-Free, Beautiful


Roof Decks Resurfacing

Non-Slip, Waterproof, Rinse Clean


Pool Deck Resurfacing

Slip-resistant, Low-Maintenance, Beautiful

SEMCO Universal Flooring Solutions

SEMCO’s line of flooring solutions and resurfacing products are designed for a variety of surfacing and flooring needs. SEMCO flooring and resurfacing products can be used for both exterior and interior flooring. Use SEMCO flooring on patios, pool decks, driveways, bathrooms, roof decks, stairs, exterior walkways and even walls and exterior facades. Our flooring solutions can be made ADA complaint with our ADA Safety Flooring solution. 

Overlay Flooring Solutions

>In addition to concrete resurfacing, the SEMCO Remodel without Removal system can act as a flooring overlay for a number of different surfaces. With the Remodel without Removal flooring solution you can overlay wood flooring, tile, concrete, vinyl, laminate epoxy and more without having to demolish the old surface, saving you considerable time and cost. The surface overlay creates a molecular bond with the old surface ensuring strength and durability. Semco cementitious overlay products can also act as a concrete overlay for driveways, sidewalks, garages, pool decks and more.

Concrete And Flooring Solutions

Whether you need a concrete flooring solution for a driveway or garage, or need to cover that old bathroom tile in something durable and aesthetic, SEMCO’s seamless flooring solutions can accommodate your needs. The SEMCO X-Bond Seamless stone surface is the most versatile flooring solution on the market and can be easily incorporated into exterior and interior flooring applications. Available in a variety of polishes, colors and finishes, SEMCO products have something for everyone’s taste.

Green Flooring Solutions

SEMCO flooring solutions are made with the environment in mind. All our flooring solutions are made of zero VOC materials to ensure minimal impact to the environment. And the Remodel without Removal systems affords significant environmental benefits in the form of reduced waste and energy consumption that goes along with not having to remove the old surfacing material.

Anti Slip Flooring Treatment

SEMCO’S ADA compliant safety flooring is a great flooring solution if safety and ADA compliance are a concern. The anti slip surface is ideal for highly trafficked areas like pool decks and public restrooms and other public facilities. The ADA safety flooring system is highly durable, aesthetically pleasing and fully ADA compliant.

We Do It All

Resurfacing for Tile, Concrete, Hardwood, Epoxy + more!

Semco Florida’s solid surface solutions product line includes four distinct surface treatment systems applicable to a variety of environments and needs. Semco’s Remodel Without Removal is a resurfacing product that allows you to remodel existing surfaces without having to remove the old surface material. The remodel without Removal system can resurface tile and grout, stone, wood, concrete, vinyl, epoxy and more.