Interior Floors

Low-Maintenance, Beautiful, Long-Lasting interior floor resurfacing

Low-Maintenance, Beautiful, Long-Lasting interior floor resurfacing

How to maintain semco interior floors

While semco is very durable there are a few key things to be aware of:

    1. Regularly sweep dirt and other grit off of the floors. This keeps the floor finish looking nice for years to come.
    2. Protect heavy furniture and chair feet with plastic or other non-scratching materials.
    3. Use Semco’s Stone Soap product to remove embedded dirt, grease and other contaminants from your floor.

Interior Floors

are you considering interior floor resurfacing? Interior flooring for Florida must be able to absorb the impacts of the indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Sand, salt and water easily make their way inside. These unwanted visitors should be easily removed without leaving a mark. Wood, tile, epoxy and concrete all have their pros and cons. Semco delivers high performance with integral aesthetics.

interior tile floors can quickly look outdated as styles change. whether it is a pink tiled bathroom or an out of date lime green kitchen floor tile it may be time for a new look. demolishing tile is expensive and dusty. also, when you add the time from demo to the time of placing new tile it is likely that your kitchen may be out of use for a long time. in addition, removing tile can damage existing cabinetry and other finishes or it can expose or disturb new underlying conditions that have to be fixed. with Semco’s interior floor resurfacing system you can avoid costly demo and dust while speeding up your project.

Semco floor resurfacing finish options:


Polished Bond – A finish showing some movement, available in many colors, the concrete look is quite popular.

Natural grain – this finish creates a leather look that contrasts two colors in a tight grain

Interior Floor Resurfacing Advantages

Scratch Resistant

Incredibly durable


Chemically inert

Slip Resistant


Easy to clean

Surface guard


Aesthetically versatile

We Do It All

Resurfacing for Tile, Concrete, Hardwood, Epoxy + more!

Semco Florida’s solid surface solutions product line includes four distinct surface treatment systems applicable to a variety of environments and needs. Semco’s Remodel Without Removal is a resurfacing product that allows you to remodel existing surfaces without having to remove the old surface material. The remodel without Removal system can resurface tile and grout, stone, wood, concrete, vinyl, epoxy and more.