ADA Compliant Flooring

Create friction, build ramps, fill holes with ADA COmpliant flooring

Are you in need of ADA Compliant flooring? Semco offers a way to make floors safer in a variety of ways.

we divide ada floors into the following two categories:

  •  Wet floors – Pool decks, showers, exterior walkways, exterior stairs. In these applications the finish walking surface has to be non-slip even with wet. The semco ada safety surface floor has a sprayed on texture which gives it a 0.93 slip coefficient when wet
  • Dry floors – lobbies, interior walking areas and other places which are not expected to be wet. Semco satisfies the minimum ada requirement of 0.6 in these areas. Additionally we can modify our sealer with a non-skid additive to gradually increase the finish to a higher slip resistance as needed

The trade off between slip resistance and cleanability on non-slip floors is always important to consider. the more texture you have the more areas there are where dirt can collect. fortunately, Semco’s ada safety floor can be sprayed with a hose or pressure washer to make cleaning easier. be sure not to use a pressure washer higher than 3000 psi.

Whether it is a pool deck, shower, exterior walkway or other area ADA compliance for existing surfaces can be costly. if it is not done properly it can create huge liability. Small gaps and holes must be filled, ramps must be created and non-slip surfaces must be provided. Most materials that are applied to existing surfaces lose their bond over time. Semco provides a perfect bond while maintaining the ability to take any shape and texture. In wet applications Semco offers some of the highest slip coefficient testing on the market.

Another helpful way Semco makes existing surfaces more slip resistant without changing the look is with our non-skid sealers. Semco offers a variety of sealers that come in different levels of gloss. these sealers can be applied on top of tile, concrete, pavers and stone to make them safer to walk on and easier to clean.


  • Create texture on any surface
  • Works in dry and wet applications
  • Easily grade and ramp
  • Easy to clean
  • 3rd party tested


Other Applications

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