Stair Resurfacing and Sealing

Slip-resistant, Long-Lasting, Beautiful

Stairs have to withstand an immense amount of point load traffic. Due to this, there are few stair materials that are both durable and beautiful. Semco’s stair system is designed to prevent falls, last longer and keep its aesthetic appeal over time.


  • Non-slip
  • Impact resistant
  • Aesthetic versatility
  • Move without cracking
  • Waterproof

ADA Compliant Stair Tread Overlay

With Semco’s stair resurfacing system, you can create a staircase that is both docrative and safe. Semco’s surface solutions come with ADA compliant options for interior and exterior stair surfaces. Ideal for pool and roof decks and other highly trafficked stairs.

Cover and Resurface Concrete, Wood, Vinyl Stairs

No matter the type of material your stairs are made out of, the Semco stair resurfacing system is designed to adhere at a molecular level to the old surface, creating a true seamless bond for strength and long lasting durability. From concrete to wood, there is no stair surface that Semco can’t handle.

    Decorative Stair Resurfacing Overlay

    Semco’s stair resurfacing system comes in a variety of textures, colors and finishes to match any interior or exterior decorative palette.

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    Other Applications



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