Remodel Without Removal™

Resurface tile, grout, concrete, hardwood, vinyl, epoxy and more without removal.

Resurfacing made easy

Remodel Without Removal™

Resurfacing for tile, grout, concrete, hardwood, vinyl, epoxy and more.


Resurface tile, grout, concrete, hardwood, vinyl, epoxy and more without removal.

Virtually all materials in a retrofit applications requires demo or heavy prep work before application. This is true for tile, wood, stucco, EIFs, concrete and many other surfacing options. Semco is uniquely capable of being applied over existing intact surfaces without the requirement for demolition. This means no dust, grinding or chemical removal. This makes projects faster and less of a headache. Semco’s perfect adhesions allows it to stay bonded even in high moisture conditions.


A system which allows you to resurface without the removal of the existing substrate.


Resurfacing Solutions Made Easy

Semco’s Remodel without Removal surface solution allows you to update and resurface tile, concrete and other surfaces without the cost of having to removal the old material. No tile demolition, no grinding, no environmentally damaging chemical removals and no sandblasting. The X-Bond Seamless Stone resurfacing technology creates a mechanically interlocking bond with the old surface creating a strong, durable waterproof and chemical resistant surface.


With SEMCO’s unique REMODEL WITHOUT REMOVAL™ system you can remodel any solid surface without the cost, inconvenience and potential environmental damage associated with the removal of the existing surface. SEMCO surface engineers have perfected this method through the use of the X-Bond Seamless Stone, which chemically adheres to any existing surface. This system saves clients time and cost on their projects, while offering significant “GREEN” benefits.

Mechanically Interlocking Molecules

The key to the success of any surface is the method in which it connects with a subsurface. SEMCO’s X-Bond Seamless Stone forms a mechanically bond, while interlocking its own molecules to the surface it is applied creating a “Perfect Bond”.

Surface Strength

Surface strength is relative based on need. X-Bond Seamless Stone principle strength is 27 MPa (4,000 PSI) while still retaining flexibility. However to meet all conditions; X-Bond Seamless Stone can be enhanced to meet or exceed 70 MPa (10,000 PSI).

Breathable and Chemical Resistant

Changes in the environment affect all surfaces, the need for a surface to allow vapor transmission is crucial for ongoing adhesion and performance. While vapor transmission protects the unseen surface, the visual surface of the X-Bond Seamless Stone reinforces its quality by being resistant to the caustic strain of acids, to the penetrating qualities of low viscosity liquids.

Flexible Waterproof Membrane

Exceptional pliable strength/ modulus of rupture coupled with SEMCO’s specially formulated stone system creates a surface that can withstand the rigors of moving substrates while still being 100% waterproof.



Fire Station

Our most advanced surfacing technology is our X-Bond System. The X-Bond System goes beyond the standard capabilities of a concrete overlay in being able to resurface any solid surface without removal.


Pentagon Athletic Center

Our most advanced surfacing technology is our X-Bond System. The X-Bond System goes beyond the standard capabilities of a concrete overlay in being able to resurface any solid surface without removal.


Grand Canal Shoppes, The Venetian Las Vegas

Grand Canal Shoppes chose SEMCO to resurface their existing stamped concrete and epoxy sealed floor. The SEMCO X-Bond Seamless Stone was the only product that could meet the needs of Grand Canal Shoppes. The X-Bond Seamless Stone is a green, low V.O.C. content material, being ideal for an open remodel because of it non-hazardous properties. In addition, the X-Bond Seamless Stone can be applied to any solid surface, this enabled application direct to the epoxy finished surface. SEMCO’s ability to REMODEL WITHOUT REMOVAL™ and Green Materials made the project a success.


Tiger Tail Residence

The Tiger Tail residence in Palm Springs, California was purchased by a development group that wanted to take this home from the 70’s and modernize it for today’s market. Utilizing conventional methods would require that everything, but the frame would need to be demolished, but with the SEMCO X-Bond Seamless Stone, SEMCO was able to provide a modern finish directly over the existing surfaces, reducing the construction duration and cost for renovation.

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