Best Waterproofing For Concrete Block

Concrete Block Waterproofing With Semco Liquid Membrane



The SEMCO Liquid Membrane™ is a ready to use COAT | COLOR | SEAL waterproofing and anti-fracture membrane in ONE. The hybrid elastomer blend allows for easy application while still being excellent at bridging and waterproofing.

basement waterproofing near me

Basement Waterproofing Near Me, Basement Waterproofing


Cinder block basement waterproofing, Sealing exterior cinder block walls, concrete block waterproofing

Concrete block is extremely porous. It acts like a sponge for moisture and has to be waterproofed to prevent moisture from entering into a home or building. Waterproofing the ‘dry’ side of a foundation or wall is referred to as negative-side waterproofing. Its major goal is to provide a barrier coat that prevents water from seeping through the wall and keeping the area dry.

Best Waterproofing For Concrete Block - SEMCO Liquid Membrane™

Best Waterproofing For Concrete Block, Concrete Block Waterproofing

Sealing exterior cinder block walls

  • Ready to use waterproofing and crack-bridging membrane
  • Coverage : 200 – 250 sq ft /gallon @ 2 coats (20mil each)
  • UV-Stable : Suitable for exterior applications
  • Easy to apply : with 1/2″ woven nap roller, spray application or brush
  • Substrates: Masonry that Liquid Membrane can be used on
    • Concrete, Below Grade Foundation
    • Concrete block or cinder block of any dimension
    • Brick
    • Cast stone
    • Mortar



    • Knee walls
    • Basement walls
    • Planters
    • Retaining wall
    • Curtain wall
    • Foundation walls
    • Block walls under stucco
    • Connections of block with windows and doors
    • Connections of block to cement board, plywood and osb
Cinder block basement waterproofing, Sealing exterior cinder block walls, concrete block waterproofing

Waterproofing with Semco Liquid Membrane

Basement Waterproofing Near Me

Basement Waterproofing Near Me

Best Waterproofing For Concrete Block

Best Waterproofing For Concrete Block

Basement Concrete Block Waterproofing

Basement Concrete Block Waterproofing

How To Prep The Wall

The wall should be free from efflorescence, this can be cleaned with the Semco Nu-Lift Cleaner. The wall should be dry when the Liquid Membrane is applied.

How To Apply Liquid Membrane™

  • Roll or spray the first coat and let it dry
  • Roll or spray the second coat and let it dry
  • Total thickness should be 20-30mils
  • Typical yield on concrete block is 150 sq ft per gallon
best waterproofing for concrete block
Best Waterproofing For Concrete Block

Concrete Block Waterproofing

Waterproofing Membrane is also seamless, meaning it will stop water intrusion. Whether you are applying it horizontally or vertically, Waterproofing Membrane will do the job.

Prevent water intrusion through any floor or wall. It is easy to apply, has excellent adhesion properties and dries quickly. Waterproofing Liquid Membrane can be used on most surfaces including concrete, masonry, stone, glass, metal and more. It is also UV resistant and will not yellow or crack over time.

If you searched for concrete block sealing / waterproofing, we can help!

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