Tile Company Near Me

Tile Companies Near Me, Tile Company Near Me


Tile Companies Near Me, Tile Company Near Me

How to Choose a Flooring Company That Will be the Best Fit for Your Needs and Budget
Our system uses no grout! And, we can make your floor or wall totally seamless, if you want. The problem with grout is that it grows mildew, collects dirt and grease and it is hard to clean. Our seamless material is totally waterproof and non-porous. Even if you want to have the effect of tile with our service there are no joints that require maintenance or extra cleaning.

Create seamless transitions from room to room and from floor to wall. You can even have the same exact finish inside your house or business as on the outside.

Restore Your Tile Floor

  • Can be applied directly over any of your existing floors or walls without the need for demolition
  • Only 1/8 inch thick it will not create unsightly transitions or trip hazards
  • Create virtually any color or look with a waterproof, non-slip easy to clean material
  • 3 times the speed of a regular tile installation

This gives you maximum versatility without the downsides of grouted stone and tile. If you think this is too good to be true let me tell you one more thing:
This system can be applied directly over any of your existing floors or walls without the need for demolition. Since it is only 1/8 inch thick it will not create unsightly transitions or trip hazards where it stops and starts. Create virtually any color or look with a waterproof, non-slip easy to clean material that will update your property at 3 times the speed of a regular tile installation. Call today to get a quote.

If you are looking for tile companies near me you have come to the right place. 

Except, we don’t do traditional tile. We can make our floors look like tile but we do something even better.

Epoxy Flooring Near Me, Epoxy Sealers Vs Microcement

Are You Looking For A Better Way To Restore Your Tile Floor?

With Semco resurfacing products, you can restore and resurface your old tile without having to remove it. No demolition necessary. The Semco tile restoration solution is simply applied over the tile and you have a new surface in half the time. Semco can accomodate both interior and exterior tile flooring on patios, pools and more. The hassle and headache of retiling your bathroom, living area, patio or even office or commercial building is gone with the Semco system. The Semco floor tile resurfacing solution comes in a variety of colors and decorative possibilities. Most coating systems are meant to be applied to existing concrete only and will not bond to tile, especially in a shower but Semco stays bonded to tile forever. It is a perfect ceramic tile refinishing system. Or, it can be applied to porcelain tile, Saltillo tile or mosaic tile.

More information on Concrete Resurfacing  here

Floor Tile Resurfacing With X-Bond Seamless Stone

Recently, the Semco Remodel without Removal with X-bond Seamless Stone was used to resurface the tile of the Bay Residence in Miami FL. Watch the video to learn how easy it is to resurface old tile with Semco surface solutions.


Residential And Commercial Tile Resurfacing Applications

Whether you want to cover that old tile in your home’s bathroom during a remodel or need a solution for a commercial kitchen, Semco’s X-Bond seamless stone tile resurfacing materials has you covered. Unlike other tile overlay and resurfacing products like epoxy, X-Bond is designed for water based applications and is even used in pools and pool deck applications. It adheres at the molecular level to the tile surface and creates an actual mechanical bond with the old tile, ensuring long lasting durability.

Floor Tile Resurfacing

Let’s face it. A lot of tile colors and designs, especially those from certain eras, are hideous and ugly. Is old and ugly tile ruining your interior or exterior decor? Tired of that pink colored tile in the bathroom? Resurface it with Semco Remodel without Removal and get a beautiful floor that you can match to your other decor. The Semco system comes in a nearly unlimited variety of colors and polishes. And you can even create designs and patterns with ease.

The Semco system features waterproof and chemical resistant surfaces. Additionally, Semco flooring solutions can be engineered for non-slip ADA Safety flooring and meet and exceed all ADA flooring requirements.

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We Do It All

Resurfacing for Tile, Concrete, Hardwood, Epoxy + more!

Semco Florida’s solid surface solutions product line includes four distinct surface treatment systems applicable to a variety of environments and needs. Semco’s Remodel Without Removal is a resurfacing product that allows you to remodel existing surfaces without having to remove the old surface material. The remodel without Removal system can resurface tile and grout, stone, wood, concrete, vinyl, epoxy and more.