Concrete Resurfacing Near Me

Resurface And Refinish Old Concrete Without Removal. Concrete Resurfacing Is A Way To Save Money And Restore Concrete Surfaces.


In this video the Semco Remodel without Removal with X-bond Seamless Stone is used to resurface the concrete and tile of the Argentina Restaurant. Watch the video to learn how easy it is to resurface old concrete with Semco surface solutions.

Concrete Resurfacing Near Me, Concrete Resurfacer Near Me

Are you letting old, damaged and stained concrete ruin your home or business’s curb appeal? Do unsightly cracks in your commercial concrete floor create both an eyesore and safety hazard? Before you go and hire a concrete removal company to demo your concrete driveway or other surface, consider resurfacing your concrete driveway, sidewalk, pool deck or other surface area with concrete resurfacing products. Concrete resurfacing saves time, money and the environment and allows you to create beautiful decorative concrete designs in the process.

Save Money With Concrete Refacing Products

Demo and removal of old concrete can cost anywhere from $4-$10 a square foot and even more depending on the depth of the concrete, the area it needs to be removed from and whether plumbing and utilities lines are involved. Resurfacing, on the other hand, completely removes this expense from the process. Concrete resurfacing products like Semco’s X-Bond Seamless Stone Surface and Remodel without Removal systems are designed to repair concrete cracking and bond to the old surface at the molecular level, creating a seamless surface finish in the color and design of your choice, without any demolition.

  • “Concrete Resurfacing” are both microtopping solutions and overlays
  • Customized and colored to match decor
  • Concrete overlays are generally used outdoors, or in interior settings
  • Semco’s X-Bond Seamless Stone come in a variety of polishes, and colors
  • Semco’s Concrete Resurfacing is ADA compliant for pool decks, sidewalks and more
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Does Concrete Resurfacing Last?

Anything that promises to be cheaper automatically raises the suspicion that it is lower quality and does not last. This is an understandable concern and it holds with a lot of products. However, Semco’s concrete coating will not only last as long as new concrete, it is designed to last longer without cracking or wear. Semco surfaces were originally designed to handle high traffic areas and withstand the elements of sun, water and salt of Florida. Most concrete resurfacing lasts anywhere from 8 to 10 years before it needs any attention.

Concrete Resurfacing additional FAQ’s.

Concrete Resurfacing
SEMCO Remodel Without Removal™

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Concrete Resurfacing Near Me


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Concrete Resurfacer Near Me


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The Semco Difference

The Semco system is a universal resurfacing product that has applications specially suited to concrete surfaces in both exterior and interior locations. The Semco resurfacing solution is highly adaptable to any solid surface. Depending on your needs, it is used as a microtopping or an overla, mixed and applied to the needs of the surface. The Semco system requires no grinding, no chemical removal, no sandblasting – no demolition of any kind. In addition, it is waterproof so you can use it in areas like bathrooms, showers, pool decks and even inside pools.

Resurface Concrete Without Removal Or Demolition

The main advantage of the Semco system is its ability to repair concrete cracks to the extent that the substrate can be salvaged and there is no need for demolition or an entirely new concrete slab. This reduces both cost and environmental damage that accrues due to demolition and the removal of waste.

Does Concrete Resurfacer Come As A Decorative Concrete Overlay?

Yes! With Semco resurfacing products, you get a variety of colors, polishes and finishes to choose from. And you can even use the colors and finishes to create decorative designs and patters on you concrete surface.

We Do It All

Resurfacing for Tile, Concrete, Hardwood, Epoxy + more!

Semco Florida’s solid surface solutions product line includes four distinct surface treatment systems applicable to a variety of environments and needs. Semco’s Remodel Without Removal is a resurfacing product that allows you to remodel existing surfaces without having to remove the old surface material. The remodel without Removal system can resurface tile and grout, stone, wood, concrete, vinyl, epoxy and more.