Tile Repair Can Be Daunting, Consider Tile Resurfacing Instead

Tile Repair Near Me, Tile Grout Repair Service Near Me

If you are searching for “tile repair near me” for areas like your bathroom, shower, tub surround or kitchen then you may be heading in the wrong direction. Sometimes going to the trouble to repair grout and tile isn’t worth it. There may be a better option for you!


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Some Of The Problems Inherent To Tile Repair

1. Your tile is outdated and no improvements will bring it back to date

Sometimes when your tile and grout is old, damaged, faded and discolored it is also so out of date that it will never bring the proper value to your property. Even if you could get the tile to look brand new it will still not be up to date. Regrouting outdated tile still doesn’t make the tile look right. In general, the trend for tile design is to be a larger format and have smaller grout lines. A 4×4 or 12×12 tile dimension may never be in style again.

2. You will not be able to find matching tile to replace the damaged ones you have

If some of your tile has delaminated or if it has been damaged from impact, staining or other causes you may have just enough to replace that area. Sadly, that is not usually the case. You could go out and try to find a matching tile or settle for something that is “close.” The ultimate look may not be what you want even after all of the trouble of having replacement tile put in.

3. Cleaning or re-grouting tile may require more time and expense than its worth

If your tile has turned black with mildew it may be tough to clean. Sometimes the cleaning will remove layers of the grout leaving a surface that is more susceptible to mildew. Or, if the grout is too damaged then you could try to have it regrouted. It is pricey to regrout tile and, if the new grout doesn’t bond properly then you may have to regrout in the near future. Searching for “tile grout repair near me” may not be necessary and here is why!

A Seamless Alternative To Repairing Damaged Tile And Grout

To avoid replacing tile or grout there is a way to resurface tile that leaves a permanent, seamless and beautiful surface. While many companies offer a thin and fragile epoxy paint to “hide the sins” of old tile or damaged grout the Semco system fills the grout lines and leaves a durable microcement layer on top of the tile and grout. This material is easy to clean and gives you a modern surface with no pesky grout to maintain. If you would like to learn more join the thousands of businesses and homeowners who are foregoing tile and grout repair in favor of a modern resurfacing approach. Call now today for a free quote!


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