Concrete Driveway Restoration Options

Concrete driveways are incredibly popular because of their durability and aesthetic smoothness. They easily beat out an asphalt driveway in the looks department. But if allowed to go without maintenance or repair for too long, a concrete driveway can take on a drab appearance that sucks the life out of your home or business’s curb appeal. And cracking, spalling and crumbling concrete are not just an eyesore, they are also safety hazard that can cause falls and even damage cars and machinery. If you are dealing with a dilapidated concrete driveway and need some direction about concrete driveway restoration options, continue reading below.

Concrete Overlay For Driveways

A concrete overlay is a great way to restore a concrete driveway for relatively cheap. The overlay process is rather simple. First, the surface is thoroughly cleaned and then a concrete overlay product is applied. This overlay is sometimes called a micro-topping or thin overlay depending on where and how it is used. Concrete overlays are generally more durable than micro-toppings, so if your driveway takes a good deal of traffic or is exposed to the elements, overlays are the way to go.

concrete driveway resurfacing and restoration
This is an example of a resurfaced driveway with X-Bond Seamless Stone.

Concrete Resurfacer

A concrete driveway resurfacing product is a little more durable than a micro-topping or an overlay. Driveway resurfacing systems are usually intended to do more than just freshen up the appearance of the concrete surface. Prior to applying a concrete resurfacing system, all concrete cracking or concrete spalling are bridged or repaired. Then the concrete resurfacer is applied and allowed to dry and take hold. From there, a concrete sealer is used to waterproof and protect the new concrete driveway from the elements.

Decorative Concrete Driveway

One of the great things about using concrete overlays or resurfacing systems on your old concrete driveway is that it gives you a chance to add some decorative novelty to your driveway. Instead of the boring old white or grey concrete color, concrete resurfacing products come in a variety of finishes that can be laid in patterns.

Resurfacing Vs. Concrete Driveway Removal

If you have an old concrete driveway, you have probably wondered about the possibility of replacing it entirelyDriveway removal and replacement used to be a very common technique in the driveway repairing industry. But it is not cheap. According to data collected by Angie’s list, a driveway costs anywhere between $6,000 and $10,000 to tear up and replace. Driveway removal has its advantages in cases of severely damaged concrete driveways, but in other cases, it is less cost effective than using an overlay or resurfacing product, which can both repair and refinish light and moderately damaged driveways to a new decorative look. Driveway resurfacing has a number of other advantages beyond the economic. If you are worried about the environmental impact of your home improvements, resurfacing not only costs less, it is much more sound in terms of environmental cost. The driveway removal process requires a lot of work, machinery and disposal that resurfacing does not. Resurfacing your driveway is also a considerably less time consuming way to restore a driveway. There is no drilling, demolition or even grinding. All you have to do is ensure that the surface is clean, any major cracks are bridged, and then the resurfacing solution is applied.

Driveway Restoration with Semco Florida

Florida driveways take a relentless beating from the sun and the elements and concrete removal companies make a lot of money replacing driveways that might not even need it. If you think that your driveway needs to be removed, consider resurfacing before you go tearing up your driveway. Learn more about driveway restoration with Semco Florida here. o

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